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Subject[PATCH 0/3] PNP: Allow PNP resources to be disabled (interface)
Hello everybody, 

this simple patch series continues the work begun in commit
18fd470a48396c8795ba7256c5973e92ffa25cb3 where ACPI PNP resource templates
with empty/disabled resources are handled.

The aim of this patch series is to allow to set resources as "disabled" using
the "/sys/bus/pnp/devices/*/resources" interface. Such "disabled" resources
are needed by some vintage IBM ThinkPads like the 600E where some resources
need to have their IRQs disabled in order to support all the devices the 600E

To this end, some preparatory work is done, simplifying the code and allowing
for more flexibility in the definition of these resources.

Here's a brief description of these patches.

[1/3] - Factor out common some code
[2/3] - Perform the actual setting
[3/3] - Generalize handling of resource flags

The patches are applied against Linux 3.3.x.

Comments are, as always, welcome. :-)

--- Witold

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