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SubjectRe: arm: davinci: USB ethernet

On 03/20/2012 08:58 AM, Greg KH wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 05:46:02AM -0500, Darryl wrote:
>> We are currently using a DA850 eval board but will eventually use a
>> custom board to interface host system to davinci using ethernet over
>> USB. We are using 2.6.37 with real-time patches, but a cursory look
>> (have not been able to build yet) at 3.3-rc7 suggests that the
>> issues noted below still exist.
>> There are currently two issues:
>> - Documentation/usb/hotplug.txt suggests that the drivers should be
>> built as modules so that such things as loading drivers and, in this
>> case, bringing up the interface, can ge moderated in user-space.
>> However, though the code can be build modular, the drivers are never
>> loaded. I suspect that one or more of the several relevant configs
>> (I see at least these: USB_MUSB_HDRC, USB_MUSB_DA8XX_GLUE,
>> USB_OTG_UTILS) are required to be built in, but cannot seem to
>> determine the correct ones.
> Do you have a userspace tool that will automatically load the proper
> modules when they show up?
Busybox's mdev is currently intended for that. I've used udev for other
projects, but we have a very limited space here.
More important at the moment, however, is getting notifications in
> As for unwinding the .config issues, you will have to do this, based on
> your own settings, not much we can do here.
It is my hope that the developers from TI and MonteVista will weigh in
since I have, so far, unsuccessfully unwound the interactions.
>> - Even when compiling all the driver code built-in, neither the
>> plug-in nor plug-out event is propagated to user space, again, so
>> that the interface can be brought up.
> How do you know it isn't showing up? What are you using to watch for
> it? Are you using udev? Something else? devtmpfs?
As noted above, mdev, which is set as the userspace hotplug script (via
echo its full path to /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug) which I have slightly
modified to just log that it is being run, and see no output messages.
> greg k-h
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