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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/20] cleanup atmel_mxt_ts
Daniel Kurtz wrote:
> This patchset cleans up the atmel_mxt_ts touchscreen driver.
> In particular, it addresses the following issues:

Hi Daniel-

Thanks for your work on this, some of it looks very useful. I will go
through and review each patch in turn.

I have been working on Atmel's version of this driver. You can find most of
that work on our github site: as you know we are intending to push it
upstream as much as possible:

The main overlap between your changes and ours is in your approach to
writing config from userspace. There is a lot of complexity in these chips
and providing a sysfs node for each function would end up being a
never-ending task.

So we have implemented an interface using a sysfs binary attribute which I
think is considerably more general and flexible than the interface that you
suggest. You can find a set of utilities on the same github that uses our
interface. I would argue that we should try and converge the mainline
driver on our approach rather than inventing something new unless there are
significant advantages.


Nick Dyer
Software Engineer, ITDev Ltd
Hardware and Software Development Consultancy

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