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    SubjectRe: [Kgdb-bugreport] [PATCH 4/4] kgdb: x86: Detach gdb if machine shuts down or reboots

    On 20-03-2012 5:00, Jason Wessel wrote:

    >> An arch-independent hook has its advantages, no question. Maybe we
    >> should just start this way and then evolved on top as needed.

    > Sounds good to me. I added the reboot notifier patch into the merge queue for kgdb/kdb.

    >> I was wondering why those other archs do not use the notifier. Maybe one
    >> motivation is to avoid that too much code is excluded from the debugger
    >> by detaching too early. Could possibly be addressed by making
    >> detach-on-reboot runtime configurable.

    > There really isn't a whole lot of code between reboot hook invoked from kernel_restart_prepare(),
    > and the place where the reset is invoked. Specifically it looked like:

    > usermodehelper_disable();
    > device_shutdown();
    > syscore_shutdown();
    > machine_restart(cmd);

    > Attached is the patch you asked for the conditional behavior with respect to the reboot hook.

    You forgot to attach it?

    > This also implements the ability to stop on a reboot that is not a panic().

    WBR, Sergei

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