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SubjectRe: [PATCH]sched_rt.c: Avoid unnecessary dequeue and enqueue of pushable tasks in set_cpus_allowed_rt()
Steven, what is about the patch from my previous message? Is everything ok?


19.02.2012, 18:17, "Kirill Tkhai" <>:
> 13.02.2012, 21:23, "Steven Rostedt" <>:
>>  I wasn't on the Cc of the original message, but it was bounced to me
>>  awhile ago. I'm cleaning out my email and came across it.
>>  Can you send me the latest version of this patch, either against latest
>>  Linus, or against tip/master.
>>  Thanks,
>>  -- Steve
>>  P.S. I'll be at ELC this week so it may not get processed right away.
> Migration status depends on a difference of weight from 0 and 1.
> If weight > 1 (<= 1) and old weight <= 1 (> 1) then task becomes
> pushable (or not pushable). We are not insterested in its exact
> values, is it 3 or 4, for example.
> Now if we are changing affinity from a set of 3 cpus to a set of 4, the-
> task will be dequeued and enqueued sequentially without important
> difference in comparison with initial state. The only difference is in
> internal representation of plist queue of pushable tasks and the fact
> that the task may won't be the first in a sequence of the same priority
> tasks. But it seems to me it gives nothing.
> Signed-off-by: Tkhai Kirill <>
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