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SubjectRe: [PATCH] perf: Add a new sort order: SORT_INCLUSIVE (v4)
On 3/15/12 7:14 AM, Frederic Weisbecker wrote:

> I still feel concerned about this.
> If I have only one event with a period of 1 and with that callchain:
> a -> b -> c
> Then I produce three hists
> 1) a -> b -> c
> 2) a -> b
> 3) a
> Each hist have a period of 1, but the total period is 1.
> So the end result should be (IIUC):
> 100% foo a
> 100% foo b
> |
> --- a
> 100% foo c
> |
> --- b
> |
> --- c

That is correct. The first column no longer adds up to 100%.

> And the percentages on callchain branches will have the same kind
> of weird things.

I expect --sort inclusive to be used with -g graph,0.5,caller. I can
polish this in the next rev where a single top level flag will set this up.

The percentages on the branches should still be accurate (as a
percentage of total_period). Please let me know if this is not the case.

> So I'm not sure this is a good direction. I'd rather advocate to create
> true hists for each callers, all having the same real period as the leaf.

Please see the v5 I just posted. The callers have a true histogram entry
in every sense, except that period_self == 0.

If we don't do this, total_period will be inflated.

> Also this feature reminds me a lot the -b option in perf report.
> Branch sorting and callchain inclusive sorting are a bit different in
> the way they handle the things but the core idea is the same. Callchains
> are branches as well.

Yes - I kept asking why the branch stack stuff doesn't use the existing
callchain logic.

> Branch sorting (-b) adds a hist for every branch taken, and the period
> is always 1. I wonder if this makes more sense than using the original
> period of the event for all branches of the event. Not sure.
> Anyway I wonder if both features can be better integrated. After all
> they are about the same thing. The difference is that the source of
> the branches is not the same and that callchains can be depicted into
> trees.
> So perhaps we can have -b specifying the desired source, in case both
> are present: -b callchain and -b branch. Both at the same time wouldn't
> make much sense I think.
> And the source could default to either if we don't have callchain and
> branch at the same time in the events.
> Just an idea...

I haven't played much with the branch stack logic. Will do so and get back.

In the meanwhile, my impression is that there are two high level use cases:

* Compiler optimizers, tracing JITs etc

Which try to focus on a single branch and try to understand what
happened with that branch

* Programmers who're trying to understand the behavior of the code they
wrote in production

I think the branch-stack stuff primarily caters to the former and
inclusive callchain stuff to the latter. I was thinking that getting the
branch-stack data into callchains will make the data more useful to more


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