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    Subjectbluetooth: bug fixes for bluetooth-next
    On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 11:16:54AM -0700, Marcel Holtmann wrote:
    > > > This is a revised series which also contains a minimal fix to the memory leak
    > > > discovered by David Hermann upon which the first NULL-pointer-dereference fix
    > > > also depends.
    > > >
    > > > These patches need to get to Linus ASAP as the problems are present in 3.3-rc6
    > > > as well as earlier kernels and thus should be backported to the stable trees as
    > > > well.
    > >
    > > Any chance to get these into 3.3? Otherwise, is it possible to rebase
    > > bluetooth-next on top of these so that Greg can get them into 3.3.1 (and
    > > the other stable trees) once bluetooth-next is merged?
    > >
    > > All three bugs can be used to crash any kernel with HCI-UART support and
    > > can probably be used for exploits as they are extremely easy to trigger
    > > reliably.
    > only if you have access to the TTY device node in the first place. If
    > you do not have access to that device node, you can not crash the
    > kernel.
    > Can you resend a clean set of patches for bluetooth-next and once we
    > have that merged, we can talk on how to backport this to 3.3 and also
    > -stable.

    I'll respond to this mail with the two NULL-deref fixes against
    bluetooth-next of today (44e612b3e6566f0b).

    As I've mentioned before, a fix for the memory leak is already in
    bluetooth-next and my first patch depends on it. Unfortunately, the
    memory-leak fix in bluetooth-next is not a minimal fix but a more
    invasive one:

    797fe796c4335b3 ("Bluetooth: uart-ldisc: Fix memory leak and
    remove destruct cb")

    and it also depends on a second commit (from bluetooth-next):

    010666a126fce7b ("Bluetooth: Make hci-destruct callback

    Neither is marked for stable (and at least the latter probably shouldn't

    Please make sure that the memory leak fix also gets backported to
    stable. A minimal (2-line) fix can be found here:


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