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SubjectRe: Problem with efibootmgr on asus 1215b
> Somewhat late to this I know, but:
> On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 11:48:26AM +0000, Matt Fleming wrote:
> > [ 441.370854] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 00000000ffe1fbc8
> So it's attempting a direct access to 00000000ffe1fbc8, which, if I had
> to guess, is probably where the flash is located. That makes sense from
> the perspective of it being used in efivars. The obvious sadness here is
> that it's doing this with a physical address rather than a virtual one.
> It's possible that the machine is too broken to live - does Windows
> succeed in performing a UEFI install? If it does then I think we need to
> just accept that life is ugly and map the UEFI runtime areas with a 1:1
> mapping as well as into virtual address space. That would also fix the
> problem we see right now where the reboot call often uses a physical
> address rather than a virtual one.

Just to let you know I apparently have exactly the same issue with the same
laptop. If it can help, I could try installing the M$ Student Edition during
the weekend and report the results.

Windows Server 2008 64-bit, fresh GPT partition table will be my lab
environment. Standard installation procedure.

I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with 3.2.0-18-generic.


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