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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] perf: add sort by inclusive time functionality (v2)

2012-03-13 4:58 AM, Arun Sharma wrote:
> On 3/12/12 11:21 AM, Arun Sharma wrote:
>>> BTW, I don't like the name 'inclusive' as a sort key. If it cares about
>>> time, IMHO, the name should contain 'time' - something like 'itime' or
>>> 'inctime'?
>> The existing sort orders: pid, comm, dso, symbol, parent -- all care
>> about time, but none of them have time in their name?
> I'll take that back. What they sort on depends on the event.
> perf record -ge cache-misses
> perf report -s inclusive
> will sort by the number of cache-misses and not time.
> -Arun

AFAIK, "sort" here means how perf identifies a sample event from others:
"comm" will collect samples have same pid/comm, then "dso" will group samples
belong to same library, and "symbol" will group again samples have same symbol
name. This is what default sort order (comm,dso,symbol) does.

In case of "inclusive" it does same thing with "symbol" as you use sort_sym
for the inclusive sort_dimension. Sorting by period for output is done at
final stage and it won't be affected by any sort orders. It maybe sound
confusing but that's how it works.


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