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SubjectRe: stripping [PATCH] without losing later tags from mailed patches (Re: [ 02/12] Remove COMPAT_IA32 support)
Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Thomas Rast wrote:
>> The problem with -b is that it's a backwards-compatibility shorthand for
>> --binary, which used to pass --allow-binary-replacement (or --binary) to
>> git-apply. However, that option was obsoleted in 2b6eef9 (Make apply
>> --binary a no-op., 2006-09-06) and has been a no-op for over 5 years.
>> It has also not been documented since cb3a160 (git-am: ignore --binary
>> option, 2008-08-09).
>> So perhaps we can safely claim -b for --keep-non-patch, like so:

We can delete "git am -b" (as it was deprecated long time ago), wait
for a cycle or two, and then repurpose it. I do not mind starting
the first step (delete, but do not say anything about repurposing)
before 1.7.10-rc1 happens.

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