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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/10] af_unix: add multicast and filtering features to AF_UNIX
    Le jeudi 01 mars 2012 à 14:56 +0100, Javier Martinez Canillas a écrit :

    > We could use AF_INET multicast on a local machine but we need some
    > ordering and control flow requirements that are not guaranteed on UDP
    > multicast over IP. That's why we thought to add a new address family
    > AF_MCAST.

    It seems application logic and complexity pushed into kernel, for a very
    single user (even if used in a lot of products) : D-Bus

    > To make it a general local multicast solution and not being too specific
    > we added some flags to control its behavior like
    > MCAST_MREQ_DROP_WHEN_FULL to decide to either block the sender or drop
    > the packet when one receiver has its queue full.

    I am only wondering how many lines this is going to add in kernel for a
    complete implementation, given your performance expectations, flow
    control, reliability, not counting all security issues (ancillary
    messages and so on)

    In case of IP_MULTICAST_LOOP, we could allow the sender to sleep if
    receiver queue is full, with a bit of tweaking in stack (current
    implementation uses loopback re-inject, so requires softirq handling).

    In fact, we could use a new IP_MULTICAST_LOCAL option, so that sender
    processing doesnt trigger a softirq handler at all and is allowed to
    sleep if needed. For example skb allocations could use GFP_KERNEL
    instead of current GFP_ATOMIC ones in udp mcast .

    I dont know, maybe it would be a smaller patch.

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