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    SubjectRe: at91: Error while registering DMA controller in 3.3-rc
    On Thursday 01 March 2012, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
    > We currently have a regression on 3.3-rc kernels about the DMA
    > controller registration.
    > This is due to the DMA driver having seen an update during the 3.3 merge
    > window but the AT91 device files not having the corresponding
    > modifications.
    > Maybe you remember, those modifications where part of the famous AT91
    > board/device series that was postponed to 3.4 due to a flood of issues...
    > So now, I would like to know if it is possible to resolve this problem
    > by queuing the DMA related patches that we have already in
    > at91/device-board branch to mainline before 3.3-final?

    Yes, that should be possible. We try not have the same patches in multiple
    branches, but since this is a regression, I think we should do it anyway.

    > The patches that I am talking about are:
    > bdad0b9 ARM: at91/dma: remove platform data from DMA controller
    > and
    > 2756bf5 ARM: at91/dma: DMA controller registering with DT support
    > I do think it is pretty silly to try to resolve this issue by not taking
    > those two little patches and modifying source code to workaround this
    > issue. If we do this, we will get conflicts and need to rework the
    > already queued 3.4 material.
    > Do you want me to prepare a new at91-fixes branch with those two patches
    > or you can take them yourself?

    Better send me a pull request so that you can do some testing on the
    exact branch that you send me. I would probably end up with the
    same tree and I'm not worried about doing it, but we should make sure
    that it actually works.


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