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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/3] mce: Add a msg string to the MCE tracepoint
    > - severity: No real need for it. If the error is severe enough, the
    > kernel handles automatically, i.e. memory poisoning and recovery. In all
    > the other cases it is not severe enough.

    We'll never see fatal errors via the perf/tracepoint (no way the RAS daemon
    will run to pull them). But we will see both corrected error chatter and
    recovered uncorrectable errors. I would be able to tell these apart.
    Corrected errors in small doses are normal and don't require any
    action beyond logging so you can see whether there are enough to cross
    a threshold and cause alarm. Recovered uncorrectable errors are going
    to be much rarer, and I think deserve closer scrutiny - even when there
    is just one of them.
    If you drop the severity field, is there some other way to make this

    > - silkscreen_label: <sarcasm> yeah, I'm getting a, say, a Data
    > Cache error during an L1 linefill from L2, what the f*ck does the
    > silkscreen label mean for such an error?! Well, nobody knows wtf it
    > means!</sarcasm>

    Cache error should point to a cpu socket - I'd like to have a silk
    screen label for that (are they numbered "0, 1, 2 ..." on the motherboard
    or "1, 2, 3 ..."?) No idea where we'd get that information from. dmidecode
    shows "Socket Designation: CPU 1" (and "2") for my current Sandy Bridge
    system. I'd have to pull the system apart to see if those are helpful
    in identifying which physical cpu is which.


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