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Subjectlinux-next: manual merge of the driver-core tree with the pci tree
Hi Greg,

Today's linux-next merge of the driver-core tree got a conflict in
include/linux/pci.h between commit 6754b9e9c335 ("PCI: Rename
pci_remove_behind_bridge to pci_stop_and_remove_behind_bridge") from the
pci tree and commit aad4f4000cec ("PCI: Add helper macro for
pci_register_driver boilerplate") from the driver-core tree.

Just context changes. I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as
Stephen Rothwell

diff --cc include/linux/pci.h
index 5584aac,d4afd70..0000000
--- a/include/linux/pci.h
+++ b/include/linux/pci.h
@@@ -947,7 -946,20 +947,20 @@@ int __must_check __pci_register_driver(
__pci_register_driver(driver, THIS_MODULE, KBUILD_MODNAME)

void pci_unregister_driver(struct pci_driver *dev);
+ /**
+ * module_pci_driver() - Helper macro for registering a PCI driver
+ * @__pci_driver: pci_driver struct
+ *
+ * Helper macro for PCI drivers which do not do anything special in module
+ * init/exit. This eliminates a lot of boilerplate. Each module may only
+ * use this macro once, and calling it replaces module_init() and module_exit()
+ */
+ #define module_pci_driver(__pci_driver) \
+ module_driver(__pci_driver, pci_register_driver, \
+ pci_unregister_driver)
-void pci_remove_behind_bridge(struct pci_dev *dev);
+void pci_stop_and_remove_behind_bridge(struct pci_dev *dev);
struct pci_driver *pci_dev_driver(const struct pci_dev *dev);
int pci_add_dynid(struct pci_driver *drv,
unsigned int vendor, unsigned int device,
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