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SubjectRe: pull request: wireless 2012-02-27
From: "John W. Linville" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 15:15:07 -0500

> This is a batch of fixes intended for 3.3.
> The biggest fix comes from Felix, where he moves around some code
> in ath9k in order to avoid a crash reported to him by a user on IRC.
> Also included is an rt2x00 fix from Gabor Juhos for a possible NULL
> pointer dereference, an iwlwifi fix from Johannes Berg for a bug that
> led to incorrectly removing unicast keys (and dropping connections),
> a mac80211 fix from Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan to properly initialize
> a structure used by the rate control algorithms, another mac80211
> fix from Mohammed to avoid a WARNING when changing from monitor mode
> to managed mode, a brcmsmac fix from Arend van Spriel to avoid an
> endless retry of A-MPDU retransmits, and another fix from Arend to
> avoid some log spam coming from brcmsmac.

Pulled, thanks John.

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