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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5] sched: Avoid unnecessary work in reweight_entity
* Michael Wang <> [2012-02-27 13:07:28]:

> > Is that benchmark run in root (cpu) cgroup? If so, reweight_entity() should not
> > kick in at all.
> That's right, if no children group, 'reweight_entity' won't be called, so I have
> created a cpuset group under root group named 'rg1', and created a memory group
> under 'rg1' named 'sub', I attached the current shell to the 'sub' cgroup.

'cpu' and 'cpuset' cgroup resource controllers are separate. By above
steps, you would still be running kern-bench in root cgroup as far as cpu
cgroup controller is concerned ..

- vatsa

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