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SubjectRe: "whitespace coding style cleanup" broke coding style
On 02/27/2012 06:27 PM, Joe Perches wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-02-27 at 18:12 +0100, Jiri Slaby wrote:
>> The patch should not
>> touch the code at all. It is obviously totally broken. In a separate
>> patch you might do s@,@;@ instead.
> The code in either form is neither broken nor
> incorrect. It's just "out of style".
> Emacs did made it consistent.

I understand that it is correct according to the style. It is not
correct in that how humans read it.

>> Hmm, but did not we conclude some time ago that we will not touch code
>> just to perform a whitespace cleanup?
> It's a prelude to other patches so actually
> that's done quite a lot. git blame -w
> doesn't even show my name on any of the
> code in this patch.

Yeah, but git merge or rebase do not cope with this. That is the problem
I am writing about.

>>> It was a first pass and an overall improvement.
>> I hope no other passes are going to happen there or anywhere in TTY
>> drivers. I really do not want to solve zillion collisions in my ~100
>> local patches due to whitespace changes, sorry.
> Perhaps you should submit your ~100 patches sooner
> rather than later. That's a lot of changes that
> could have any number of collisions.

No, sorry, I do not send patch series which are not reviewed by me with
at least 2 weeks distance. Anyway the point is elsewhere.

To emphasize: I do not mind random changes on random files. That is easy
to fix. I mind whitespace cleanups over _whole_ subtrees.

>> Yes, but it does not pass our brain, does it? One should throw
>> "checkpatch --file" or alike away, finally.
> Perhaps you might notice I did not use checkpatch
> as a guide nor as a criteria for submission.

Ok, but you still fit in "or alike" above.

> It was ~5MB patch btw. Compilation was done to
> verify lack of object delta only.

I see. Sorry to say that, but 5MB of whitespace cleanup is purely
insane. Do not tell me that you are going to fix/change something in all
the files. And even if that is the case, fixes go first so that people
are able to backport to stable if they fit there.

Please, search archives for similar discussions. I do not want to repeat

> Thanks for noticing the oddly formatted code.
> I'll send a patch to fix it.

It looks good. ACK. [Although I am sad I will have to solve that
conflict once more :(.]

suse labs

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