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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] at91 first cleanup series for 3.4
On Thursday 23 February 2012, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
> This series removes the at91_sys_read/write() functions that where
> used for all System Controller devices. The static offsets that were
> used prevented us from compiling several AT91 SoC support in a single
> zImage.
> The other cleanup is the move of some early console initialization. In
> addition, some Makefile.boot modifications have been performed to be
> able to make .dtb files.
> All this goes on top of current material that is already in arm-soc
> git tree (merge of all at91/* branches. You can find it in the same git
> tree with at91-3.4-base2 branch name).
> The following changes since commit 11a25ea7e4f870a37093258f577e11cec703e37e:
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'armsoc/at91/9x5' into at91-3.4-base2 (2012-02-11 14:33:03 +0100)
> are available in the git repository at:
> git:// at91-3.4-base2+cleanup

Hi Nicolas,

I cannot merge this into the next/cleanup branch because you have based it
on top of a non-cleanup branch. There are three ways out of this:

1. rebase the entire branch on a changeset that only contains upstream and
cleanup branches, and let me deal with merge conflicts against the at91/9x5

2. Split this series into two parts, with the simple cleanups going directly
in as in 1, but cleanups on top of the at91/9x5 branch get applied to that
branch only.

3. Create a new next/cleanup2 branch with this pull request that I submit
to Linus separately from the other cleanups.

Which one should it be?

I'm also still not entirely happy with the contents because the newly
introduced macros all still use __raw_readl() instead of readl_relaxed(),
and because the rtt setup appears unnecessarily complex while at the same
time still not sufficient for a combined at91 kernel. It would be nice
if those could be fixed, but I would still take the series without changing
the rtt code because we have not really come to a conclusion otherwise
and the series generally moves things into the right direction.

I've applied your series to the staging/cleanup branch for now, which
means it gets into linux-next but I won't send to Linus unless I get
an update.


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