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SubjectRE: RFC: memory leak in udp_table_init
> > > [PATCH] mm: add a low limit to alloc_large_system_hash
> >
> > I think you should just use zero as the default minimum for all
> > call sites except this UDP case we are trying to fix.
> >
> > For example I see you used 16 for kernel/pid.c
> >
> > Let's not try to do unrelated changes like that now, we can do such
> > tweaks later.
> It was to match the comment we have few lines above :
> /*
> * The pid hash table is scaled according to the amount of memory in
> * machine. From a minimum of 16 slots up to 4096 slots at one
gigabyte or
> * more.
> */

These large hash tables are, IMHO, an indication that the
algorithm used is, perhaps, suboptimal.

Not least of the problems is actually finding a suitable
(and fast) hash function that will work with the actual
real-life data.

The pid table is a good example of something where a hash
table is unnecessary.
Linux should steal the code I put into NetBSD :-)


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