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SubjectRe: iwlagn is getting even worse with 3.3-rc1
Norbert Preining <preining <at>> writes:

> long time ago we had a long discussion about iwlagn regressions in 3.1.0
> Up to 3.2 I still have regular problems on the university network
> with stuck iwl driver not even realizing that nothing goes out or in.
> Today I switched to 3.3-rc1 to see it is getting even worse, now on my
> home network I get stuck queue and no connection:

I've had a similar problem. Starting with 3.1.0, iwlagn would sporadically
'drop' connections, despite sill appearing to be connected (nothing obvious in
dmesg). Cycling rfkill would bring it back for a while.

I recently came across another topic, with the same issue, and this patch was

I applied that on top of 3.2.6 and *knock on wood* I haven't seen the issue

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