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SubjectRe: Can we move device drivers into user-space?
> > > changed, is unimportant. Maybe code, like so many other things,
> > > arranges itself in a scale-free critical fashion, which would forever
> "Code arranges" not itself, but people arrange code the best they see
> fit.

You seem to have missed the point of that sentence. Go pick on
somebody else.

> > > userspace join the same tree as well. There is however a frofoundly
> > > political aspect here, which cannot be expressed in terms of
> > > code. Also, in practise, breaking things down into manageable chunks
> > > is usually a good idea in the end.
> Yes, everybody learns that in the first lecture on programming. Please
> sent patches to make actually things better and not just talk. Thank
> you.

I actually do on a regular basis. I wish everybody did.


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