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SubjectSolved (for me at least!) GRUB doesn't like ServeRAID M1015/LSI 9220-8i
On 01/02/2012 14:38, John Robinson wrote:
> On 01/02/2012 14:03, Thomas Fjellstrom wrote:
> [...]
>> I picked up a refurb IBM
>> ServeRaid M1015 (aka: LSI 9220-8i) card. It arrived yesterday. Just
>> have to
>> wait and see why grub doesn't like it.
> When you find out, please let me know - I bought one via ebay, its
> firmware was elderly and wouldn't let me put it in JBOD mode, after a
> bit of googling I flashed it with IBM's latest firmware, then GRUB
> thought my machine had no RAM in it. The card has been sitting in a box
> since.

RHEL/CentOS 5's GRUB is buggy, in that it doesn't always read the whole
of the BIOS's memory map. See and in particular
comment 7 where there's a link to a replacement GRUB which incorporates
the patch that was first offered to Red Hat in July 2007. The issue
likely affects other distros GRUBs too, since GRUB is moribund.



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