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SubjectRe: Can we move device drivers into user-space?
> … and the performance is terrible --- as it must be.  If you don't
> understand why this must be, then we're wasting our time having this
> conversation.

You are right, I don't understand the assumptions leading to that
conclusion. It does not seem to stop people from experimenting with
filesystems that do no even reside within the same computer (hdfs).

> And if you're the one wanting to make a change, then you are the one
> who has to provide the proof.

I know the drill, and I obviously already got hit on the head. ;-)

> Otherwise we're just talking about
> hypotheticals, and that way lies over-design. Why waste time
> engineering something that may never come to pass?

This is a seriously defensive attitude, given that the thread was
hypothetical from the start.

> Of course, your time is something you are free to spend however you
> like. So if you want to try implementing some of these grand plans
> of yours, show us the code….

If I put on rose-colored glasses and try really hard, I can almost
interpret this as an invitation to share code.

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