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    SubjectRe: Kconfig and toolchain dependencies
    Dne 3.2.2012 22:29, H. Peter Anvin napsal(a):
    > Right now, we don't have a good way to encode toolchain dependencies in
    > Kconfig. This makes it hard to add optional features which depend on
    > newer toolchain features.
    > If we just add them, then it breaks all*config and randconfig on
    > platforms with the older toolchains unless the user manually adds
    > exclusion rules. This is bad for testing.
    > It seems relatively straightforward to do if we were to manifest some
    > CONFIG_ variables based on the target toolchain, e.g.
    > CONFIG_GCC=0x040601

    (sorry for the late reply)

    It would be a bit tricky, because the toolchain version depends also on
    CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILE. So Kconfig would need to know the semantics of
    CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILE and CONFIG_GCC and the dependency of the latter on
    the former.


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