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SubjectRe: sched: Avoid SMT siblings in select_idle_sibling() if possible
* Mike Galbraith <> [2012-02-20 19:14:21]:

> > I was looking at this code due to vatsa wanting to do SD_BALANCE_WAKE.
> I really really need to find time to do systematic mainline testing.
> Enabling SD_BALANCE_WAKE used to be decidedly too expensive to consider.
> Maybe that has changed, but I doubt it. (general aside: testing with a
> bloated distro config is a big mistake)

I am seeing 2.6% _improvement_ in volanomark score by enabling SD_BALANCE_WAKE
at SMT/MC domains.

Machine : 2 Quad-core Intel X5570 CPU (H/T enabled)
Kernel : tip (HEAD at 6241cc8)
Java : OpenJDK 1.6.0_20
Volano : 2_9_0

Volano benchmark was run 4 times with and w/o SD_BALANCE_WAKE enabled in
SMT/MC domains.

Average score std. dev

SD_BALANCE_WAKE disabled 369459.750 4825.046
SD_BALANCE_WAKE enabled 379070.500 379070.5

I am going to try pipe benchmark next. Do you have suggestions for any other
benchmarks I should try to see the effect of SD_BALANCE_WAKE turned on in
SMT/MC domains?

- vatsa

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