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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] usb: enable pci MSI/MSIX in usb core

> What do you mean: there is a relation between event rings
> msix_entries.vectors. and we need to presents this relationships in the
> msix interrupt handler?
> So does the following mode you like?
> request_irq(hcd->msix_entries[i].vector, msix_irq_handler, 0, "",
> hcd->ring_handler[i]);
> Or another way to do it if we know which ring will handle the irq, like:

here, I mean let the driver remember this relationships.
> irqreturn_t xhci_msi_irq(int irq, struct usb_hcd *hcd)
> switch (irq2ring(irq))
> case ring0: driver_handle_ring(ring0);
> case ring1: driver_handle_ring(ring1);
> In fact, since there is no actual usage of multiple rings now, I have no
> much idea of the relationships.
> BTW, if it is possible do this change to another patch?

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