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SubjectRe: [PATCH] oom: add sysctl to enable slab memory dump
On Thu, 2012-02-23 at 13:22 -0200, Rafael Aquini wrote:
> > I think this also gives another usecase for a possible /dev/mem_notify in
> > the future: userspace could easily poll on an eventfd and wait for an oom
> > to occur and then cat /proc/slabinfo to attain all this. In other words,
> > if we had this functionality (which I think we undoubtedly will in the
> > future), this patch would be obsoleted.
> Great! So, why not letting the time tell us if this feature will be obsoleted
> or not? I'd rather have this patch obsoleted by another one proven better, than
> just stay still waiting for something that might, or might not, happen in the
> future.


I'm not really convinced such an ABI would be a full replacement for
this patch. There's certainly advantages to having all this visible in
syslog even if we'd have such a mechanism.


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