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    SubjectRe: compat: autofs v5 packet size ambiguity - update
    On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Ian Kent <> wrote:
    > Sorry, I think your wrong this time.

    Well, that would be good, actually. Doing the test itself at mount
    time is certainly the simpler approach.

    >> The autofs "mount" is done by fork + execve("mount").
    > It's done like this when mounting things inside an already mounted
    > indirect autofs mount or when mounting things on autofs direct mount
    > triggers but, in version 5, mount(2) has always used to mount autofs
    > file systems.

    Is that true for legacy autofs daemons too that distros ship? Because
    those are the ones we'd be fighting..

    Because when I do

    git grep '\<mount[ ]*(' -- '*.[ch]'

    (that's a space and a tab in that pattern) on the autofs-4.1.4 sources
    I downloaded, I don't see a single call to mount. But I do see
    spawning of PATH_MOUNT. And one of them is with "-t", "autofs".

    So at least in the last version of autofs4, it was executing the
    external "mount" program, not using mount(2).


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