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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/10] mm/memcg: introduce page_relock_lruvec
On Tue, 21 Feb 2012, KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki wrote:
> No perforamce impact by replacing spin_lock_irq()/spin_unlock_irq() to
> spin_lock_irqsave() and spin_unlock_irqrestore() ?

None that I noticed - but that is not at all a reassuring answer!

It worries me a little. I think it would make more or less difference
on different architectures, and I forget where x86 stands there - one
of the more or the less affected? Worth branches down inside

It's also unfortunate to be "losing" the information of where _irq
is needed and where _irqsave (but not much gets lost with git).

It's something that can be fixed - and I think Konstantin's version
already keeps the variants: I just didn't want to get confused by them,
while focussing on the locking details.


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