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Subjectalpha: futex regression bisected
I have noticed some user space problems (pulseaudio crashes in pthread
code, glibc/nptl test suite failures, java compiler freezes on SMP alpha
systems) that arise when using a 2.6.39 or later kernel on Alpha.
Bisecting between 2.6.38 and 2.6.39 (using glibc/nptl test suite as
criterion for good/bad kernel) eventually leads to:

8d7718aa082aaf30a0b4989e1f04858952f941bc is the first bad commit
commit 8d7718aa082aaf30a0b4989e1f04858952f941bc
Author: Michel Lespinasse <>
Date: Thu Mar 10 18:50:58 2011 -0800

futex: Sanitize futex ops argument types

Change futex_atomic_op_inuser and futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic
prototypes to use u32 types for the futex as this is the data type the
futex core code uses all over the place.

Looking at the commit I see there is a change of the uaddr argument in
the Alpha architecture specific code for futexes from int to u32, but I
don't see why this should cause a problem.

I am hoping someone better than I at Alpha assembly (Richard?, Ivan?)
might be able to look at the commit and propose a fix!


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