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Subject[ANNOUNCE] lsscsi-0.26 released
lsscsi currently can provide some transport related
identifiers when the --transport (-t) option is used. This
will probably be a target port identifier rather than a LU
name (a.k.a. the WWN). Fetching the LU name has proven
elusive. The most direct way would be to issue an INQUIRY
to get the device identification VPD page but that would
require root permissions. A feature of lsscsi is that it
does not need root permissions (or related tricks).

This version adds a --wwn (-w) option which searches the udev
provided /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-* symlinks. This will find
WWNs (LU names) for disks if udev can find them.

There are two SATA disks in the example below: /dev/sda and
/dev/sdd . /dev/sda is older and has no WWN plus it is
directly connected to a SATA controller on the motherboard.
/dev/sdd has a WNN and is connected via a SAS expander.

# lsscsi
[1:0:0:0] disk ATA ST3320620AS 3.AA /dev/sda
[6:0:0:0] enclosu Intel RES2SV240 0600 -
[6:0:1:0] disk SEAGATE ST33000650SS 0002 /dev/sdb
[6:0:2:0] disk SEAGATE ST32000444SS 0006 /dev/sdc
[6:0:3:0] disk ATA ST3500418AS CC34 /dev/sdd

# lsscsi -w
[1:0:0:0] disk /dev/sda
[6:0:0:0] enclosu -
[6:0:1:0] disk 0x5000c50033fe58db /dev/sdb
[6:0:2:0] disk 0x5000c500215725bf /dev/sdc
[6:0:3:0] disk 0x5000c500120bfe84 /dev/sdd

# lsscsi -t
[1:0:0:0] disk sata: /dev/sda
[6:0:0:0] enclosu sas:0x5001517e85c3effd -
[6:0:1:0] disk sas:0x5000c50033fe58d9 /dev/sdb
[6:0:2:0] disk sas:0x5000c500215725bd /dev/sdc
[6:0:3:0] disk sas:0x5001517e85c3efe2 /dev/sdd

Version 0.26 is available at:
More information can be found on that page including examples
and a Download section for the tarball, Debian and Redhat


Version 0.26 2012/01/31 [svn: r97]
- add 'fcoe' transport indicator
- add '--wwn' option, datamine /dev/disk/by-id/wwn*
- move lsscsi.c into src directory

Version 0.25 2011/05/09 [svn: r92]

Doug Gilbert

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