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Subjectmake config errors while building kernel on Fedora 16 64-bit

I tried to build both linux mainline and linux-next on my Fedora 16
box. But in both cases I am running into errors in making the .config.
I have tried with defconfig (make defconfig), xconfig, gconfig,
config, etc. all give the same errors.

I cloned from repo url's given at using the following commands:

nohup git clone -v
git:// &>
linux.log &


nohup git clone -v
git:// &>
linux-next.log &

Here is a what is written (partial from top) to stdout:

*** Default configuration is based on 'x86_64_defconfig'
init/Kconfig:237:warning: multi-line strings not supported
kernel/irq/Kconfig:75:warning: multi-line strings not supported
init/Kconfig:667:warning: multi-line strings not supported
init/Kconfig:1216:warning: multi-line strings not supported
init/Kconfig:1307:warning: multi-line strings not supported
init/Kconfig:1308:warning: multi-line strings not supported

And the following (partial from bottom) to stderr:

drivers/lguest/Kconfig:15: syntax error
drivers/lguest/Kconfig:14: unknown option "If"
lib/xz/Kconfig:59: syntax error
lib/xz/Kconfig:58: unknown option "Unless"
lib/xz/Kconfig:59: unknown option "and"
lib/Kconfig:281: syntax error
lib/Kconfig:280: unknown option "If"
make[1]: *** [defconfig] Error 1
make: *** [defconfig] Error 2

I have verified that I have buildtools, kernel-devel and header
packages. Google search and asking on kernelnewbies list didn't help
either. Last month I had successfully built the kernel (mainline) for
first time on Linux Mint. But here, probably, I am missing something
completely. Please help.

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