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SubjectRe: Linux 3.3-rc4

Am 19.02.2012 um 01:27 schrieb Linus Torvalds:

> The workaround is either to just compile a 64-bit kernel (hey, you can
> leave your 32-bit userland alone if you are so emotionally attached to
> last century) or upgrade to 3.3-rc4.

Theoretically yes, practically (at least with Fedora 15/16) no. I did hit these two bugs:

1.) autofs4 interface is broken between x86 and x86_64. as systemd uses autofs, this bug hangs the boot process as e.g. binfmt is mounted via autofs. see also
- autofs4 maintainer says that this minor kernel bug could be circumvented in user land.
- systemd developers says that this kernel bug should get fixed in the kernel

2.) while debugging above issue: I did find an minor bug in sys_poll() - nobody did take care of my proposed patch:

with kind regards

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