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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] r8169: Rx FIFO overflow fixes.
Hi François, Gerd, et al,

Francois Romieu wrote:

> Realtek has specified that the post 8168c gigabit chips and the post
> 8105e fast ethernet chips recover automatically from a Rx FIFO overflow.
> The driver does not need to clear the RxFIFOOver bit of IntrStatus and
> it should rather avoid messing it.
> The implementation deserves some explanation:

I would be interested in some subset of these fixes for 3.0.y and
2.6.32.y. In particular:

> 1. events outside of the intr_event bit mask are now ignored.
> a no-processing policy for the events that either should not be there
> or should be ignored.

This seems like a valuable and unrisky change.

> 2. RxFIFOOver was already ignored in rtl_cfg_infos[RTL_CFG_1] for the
> whole 8168 line of chips with two exceptions:
> - RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_22 since b5ba6d12bdac21bc0620a5089e0f24e362645efd
> ("use RxFIFO overflow workaround for 8168c chipset.").
> This one should now be correctly handled.

This seems useful if we can test it.

> 3. RxFIFOOver is masked for post 8105e 810x chips, namely the sole 8105e
> (RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_30) itself.

This also seems useful if we can test it.

What do you think? Is there any way I can help? (E.g., given rough
guidelines about what approach is acceptable I'd be happy to work with
Gerd to produce a tested patch that does (1) and (2) but not (3) for

Thanks for your hard work,
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