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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] bluetooth: Use more current logging styles
Hi Dave,

> > Such a change will require rebase from all our developers and we already have
> > enough issues to solve, I don't wanna add one more here. Change what BT_*
> > stands for is ok, but there is no need to change the macros names.
> I would never push back on Joe on a change like this, the way that
> you are, and changes in my tree have an effect on 100 times more
> people than your's.
> You're being completely unreasonable, and I'm rather confident that in
> response to what I'm saying you will simply start pulling more reasons
> out of thin air simply because you just don't want the change and the
> merge hassles.

I am actually fine with his reworked patchset, except the last patch
with the BT_DBG change. That will step on too many people toes right now
and I am also failing to see the benefit of that one.



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