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Subjectlinux-next: dock_link_device is oopsy

A linux-next oops at bootup in dock_link_device() tells me that you
were not feeling well when you wrote that and dock_unlink_device():
I hope you're feeling better now and can rewrite them soon.

I think my particular problem comes from dock_station_count 0,
so kmalloc() returns NULL, which you don't check for. But those
functions appear to be minor masterpieces of doing things in the
wrong order, not checking allocation, not freeing resource on failure.

I'm not attaching a proposed patch because, on that record, I bet when
you look closer you'll find more wrong that I wouldn't know about.

Let's hope this isn't diverted into an endless discussion of whether
you ought to use kaalloc() or kballoc() or .... me, I'd just like to
boot, and have put #if 0..#endif around everything in those functions.


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