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SubjectRE: [PATCH] Cleaning up code formatting errors in net/wireless pointed out by checkpatch.

> These are mostly minor changes and they are being sent as one
> patch only in order to cause the smallest amount of disruption.

A lot of these changes don't seem to match what I thought the
linux kernel code style is.

> void cfg80211_bss_age(struct cfg80211_registered_device *dev,
> - unsigned long age_secs);
> + unsigned long age_secs);
Args no longer lined up.

> - pos = (u8 *) & hdr->addr4;
> + pos = (u8 *) &hdr->addr4;
no space after cast?

> - p1 = (u8*)(ht_capa);
> + p1 = (u8 *)(ht_capa);
Still extra ().

I'm also not sure (personally) this sort of churn is useful.


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