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Subject[PATCH 0/2] more tweaks (Was: ptrace tweaks)
On 02/10, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> This patch set fixes a minor bug in PTRACE_SETOPTIONS,
> slightly extends PTRACE_SEIZE (now it can take ptrace options),
> changes PTRACE_EVENT_STOP value,
> and enables PTRACE_SEIZE for non-development use.
> Ptrace git tree on is not restored yet,
> so this patch set can't go through it.
> Andrew, please consider taking this patch set.

Yes, please...

I was going to send 1-4 to Linus a long ago, but I can't restore
my korg account.

Plus I have a couple of other minor ptrace changes, could you
take them too ?

Chris, iirc you suggested to add PTRACE_O_KILL_TRACEE_IF_DEBUGGER_DIES.
The necessary change is simple, please suggest the good name for the
new option ;)


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