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Subjectdracut: ordering of modules
Hi Harald,

Originally, 98integrity/ didn't start executing before
98selinux/ finished, but unfortunately it now does.

inst_hook pre-pivot 50 "$moddir/"
inst_hook pre-pivot 62 "$moddir/"

As the IMA policy could be dependent on LSM runtime info, this is a

[ 10.040574] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:2): action="dont_measure" fsmagic="0x9fa0" res=0
[ 10.040663] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:3): action="dont_appraise" fsmagic="0x9fa0" res=0
[ 10.040729] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:4): action="dont_measure" fsmagic="0x62656572" res=0
[ 10.040792] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:5): action="dont_appraise" fsmagic="0x62656572" res=0
[ 10.040857] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:6): action="dont_measure" fsmagic="0x64626720" res=0
[ 10.040921] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:7): action="dont_appraise" fsmagic="0x64626720" res=0
[ 10.040985] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:8): action="dont_measure" fsmagic="0x01021994" res=0
[ 10.041047] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:9): action="dont_appraise" fsmagic="0x01021994" res=0
[ 10.041113] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:10): action="dont_measure" fsmagic="0x73636673" res=0
[ 10.041177] type=1805 audit(1328865524.387:11): action="dont_appraise" fsmagic="0x73636673" res=0
[ 11.898956] SELinux: Completing initialization.

I've tried adding a depend for selinux, but it doesn't seem to resolve
the problem, nor does delaying 98integrity to later. Any suggestions
would be appreciated.



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