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SubjectRe: [RFC v2 1/8] video: tegra: Add nvhost driver
On 01.12.2012 15:42, Daniel Vetter wrote:
> Out of sheer curiosity: What are you using the coverage data of these
> register definitions for? When I looked into coverage analysis the
> resulting data seemed rather useless to me, since the important thing
> is how well we cover the entire dynamic state space of the hw+sw (e.g.
> crap left behind by the bios ...) and coverage seemed to be a poor
> proxy for that. Hence why I wonder what you're doing with this data

Yes, it's a poor proxy. But still, I use it to determine how big
portions of hardware address space and fields I'm touching when running
host1x tests. It's interesting data for planning tests, but not much more.

Best regards,

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