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SubjectRe: scsi target, likely GPL violation
On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 9:50 AM, Andy Grover <> wrote:
> Nick,
> Your company appears to be shipping kernel features in RTS OS that are
> not made available under the GPL, specifically support for the
> EXTENDED_COPY and COMPARE_AND_WRITE SCSI commands, in order to claim
> full Vmware vSphere 5 VAAI support.
> Private emails to you and RTS CEO Marc Fleischmann have not elicited a
> useful response.
> You are subsystem maintainer for the in-kernel SCSI target support
> (drivers/target/*), and your company appears to be violating the GPL.

The peanut gallery needs more information, as this is quite an
incendiary claim to be making on a Linux kernel forum. How are they
violating the GPL? I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but if
I understand the GPL correctly, RTS only needs to provide the relevant
source to their customers upon request. Are there customers (perhaps
Redhat) that they have not provided this to? If so, then they need to
be publicly shamed ( would be a good place to go as
well). If not, then they are within their rights to behave the way
they are currently behaving.

Again, we need more info before we start flinging the tomatoes at them.


> Please explain.
> Regards -- Andy
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