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Subject[regression] Re: [ 049/149] rtc: Disable the alarm in the hardware (v2)

In March, Greg KH wrote:

> 3.2-stable review patch. If anyone has any objections, please let me know.

Sorry, I'm a little late. This seems to be causing spurious wakeups
after shutdown on some systems just like v1 did. :/

Janne Boman reports[1], using an HP EliteBook 8530w:

| I'm unable to shutdown my system via normal means. The system
| completes the shutdown process, all hardware lights are off, but then
| somehow it restarts.

Based on a quick web search, Heinz Wiesinger, using the same model,
ran into the same problem and bisected it to this patch:

Janne confirmed the same by testing kernels closely based on 3.2.13
and 3.2.14 --- 3.2.13 shut down fine, while on 3.2.14 "shutdown -h
now" behaved roughly speaking like "reboot". A kernel close to 3.6.4
was also affected.

Known problem? An acpidump and kernel log can be found at [2].

Looking forward to your thoughts,


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