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Subject[PATCH 0/3] ARM/dts: omap3: Add DT support for IGEP devices
IGEP technology devices are TI OMAP3 SoC based industrial embedded
and computer-on-module boards. This patchset adds initial device
tree support for these devices.

The device trees allows to boot from an MMC and are working all the
components that already have device tree support on OMAP3 SoCs:

- TWL4030 codec audio
- pinmux/pinconf pinctrl

Some peripheral are still not working such as Flash storage and
Ethernet but support for these will also be included once the
OMAP GPMC device tree binding patches land on mainline.

The patchset is composed of the following patches:

[PATCH 1/3] ARM/dts: omap3: Add generic DT support for IGEP devices
[PATCH 2/3] ARM/dts: omap3: Add support for IGEPv2 board
[PATCH 3/3] ARM/dts: omap3: Add support for IGEP COM Module

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