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    SubjectRe: Acpi deadlocks with 3.7.0-rc4
    On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 9:27 AM, Zdenek Kabelac <> wrote:
    > I've attached bigger disasfun script output to BZ 51071.
    > if (ACPI_GET_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE(prefix_node) !=
    > 00000000000000a1 <acpi_ns_lookup+0xa1> cmpb $0xf,0x8(%rbx)
    > 00000000000000a5 <acpi_ns_lookup+0xa5> je 0da <acpi_ns_lookup+0xda>
    > seems to be going out of bounds.

    The whole "prefix_node" pointer is bogus. It seems to have the value 0x1000.

    I wonder how that happened. It's loaded from 'scope_info->scope.node',
    and it *should* be a valid pointer.

    Can you add a print-out of


    and check that it is ACPI_DESC_TYPE_STATE_WSCOPE (== 8). If it is not,
    return early.

    Or just something like the attatched, which just uses the root node
    (and warns once) if it's not a valid WSCOPE thing.

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