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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Git v1.8.0.1
The latest maintenance release Git v1.8.0.1 is now available at
the usual places.

The release tarballs are found at:

and their SHA-1 checksums are:

4e7492f7558f3ba2a450c43efa7de3b0b1adc6c1 git-
6c0e64d53a8543447f595e3bac4966ba9257e783 git-htmldocs-
cb26eea4ebe53b41cbc5c5f430499f7d76605414 git-manpages-

Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.8.0.1
tag and the maint branch that the tag points at:

url = git://
url =
url = git://
url = git://
url =

Git v1.8.0.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.8.0

* The configuration parser had an unnecessary hardcoded limit on
variable names that was not checked consistently.

* The "say" function in the test scaffolding incorrectly allowed
"echo" to interpret "\a" as if it were a C-string asking for a
BEL output.

* "git mergetool" feeds /dev/null as a common ancestor when dealing
with an add/add conflict, but p4merge backend cannot handle
it. Work it around by passing a temporary empty file.

* "git log -F -E --grep='<ere>'" failed to use the given <ere>
pattern as extended regular expression, and instead looked for the
string literally.

* "git grep -e pattern <tree>" asked the attribute system to read
"<tree>:.gitattributes" file in the working tree, which was

* A symbolic ref refs/heads/SYM was not correctly removed with "git
branch -d SYM"; the command removed the ref pointed by SYM

* Earlier we fixed documentation to hyphenate "remote-tracking branch"
to clarify that these are not a remote entity, but unhyphenated
spelling snuck in to a few places since then.

* "git pull --rebase" run while the HEAD is detached tried to find
the upstream branch of the detached HEAD (which by definition
does not exist) and emitted unnecessary error messages.

* The refs/replace hierarchy was not mentioned in the
repository-layout docs.

* Sometimes curl_multi_timeout() function suggested a wrong timeout
value when there is no file descriptors to wait on and the http
transport ended up sleeping for minutes in select(2) system call.
A workaround has been added for this.

* Various rfc2047 quoting issues around a non-ASCII name on the
From: line in the output from format-patch have been corrected.

* "git diff -G<pattern>" did not honor textconv filter when looking
for changes.

* Bash completion script (in contrib/) did not correctly complete a
lazy "git checkout $name_of_remote_tracking_branch_that_is_unique"
command line.

* RSS feed from "gitweb" had a xss hole in its title output.

* "git config --path $key" segfaulted on "[section] key" (a boolean
"true" spelled without "=", not "[section] key = true").

* "git checkout -b foo" while on an unborn branch did not say
"Switched to a new branch 'foo'" like other cases.

Also contains other minor fixes and documentation updates.


Changes since v1.8.0 are as follows:

Andreas Schwab (1):
commit: fixup misplacement of --no-post-rewrite description

Ben Walton (1):
Remove the hard coded length limit on variable names in config files

Carlos Martín Nieto (1):
config: don't segfault when given --path with a missing value

David Aguilar (1):
mergetools/p4merge: Handle "/dev/null"

Jan H. Schönherr (7):
utf8: fix off-by-one wrapping of text
format-patch: do not wrap non-rfc2047 headers too early
format-patch: do not wrap rfc2047 encoded headers too late
format-patch: introduce helper function last_line_length()
format-patch: make rfc2047 encoding more strict
format-patch: fix rfc2047 address encoding with respect to rfc822 specials
format-patch tests: check quoting/encoding in To: and Cc: headers

Jeff King (3):
diff_grep: use textconv buffers for add/deleted files
gitweb: escape html in rss title
checkout: print a message when switching unborn branches

Junio C Hamano (9):
builtin/grep.c: make configuration callback more reusable
grep: move the configuration parsing logic to grep.[ch]
grep: move pattern-type bits support to top-level grep.[ch]
revisions: initialize revs->grep_filter using grep_init()
log --grep: use the same helper to set -E/-F options as "git grep"
test-lib: Fix say_color () not to interpret \a\b\c in the message
Start preparing for
Further preparation for

Marc Khouzam (1):
Completion must sort before using uniq

Matthieu Moy (2):
Documentation: remote tracking branch -> remote-tracking branch
Document 'git commit --no-edit' explicitly

Michael J Gruber (1):
push/pull: adjust missing upstream help text to changed interface

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (1):
grep: stop looking at random places for .gitattributes

Phil Hord (1):
git-pull: Avoid merge-base on detached head

Philip Oakley (1):
Doc repository-layout: Show refs/replace

René Scharfe (6):
refs: lock symref that is to be deleted, not its target
branch: factor out check_branch_commit()
branch: factor out delete_branch_config()
branch: delete symref branch, not its target
branch: skip commit checks when deleting symref branches
branch: show targets of deleted symrefs, not sha1s

Romain Francoise (1):
mailmap: avoid out-of-bounds memory access

Stefan Zager (1):
Fix potential hang in https handshake

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