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    SubjectLinux 3.7-rc7
    A week ago, I had even considered skipping -rc7 entirely as things had
    been so calm, but decided that there was little reason to hurry the

    And oh, how sadly right I was. -rc7 is out now, and is not at all
    smaller than the previous rc's, and in fact slightly scarier. For some
    reason the block layer came up on the radar, and there are md, scsi
    and generic block layer changes in there. So we definitely want
    another week of testing, and hopefully things really are solid.

    There's also a few filesystem fixes (reiserfs, xfs and ext3) and
    various other driver updates (sound, networking and drm).

    Shortlog appended. Go out and test,



    Aaro Koskinen (1):
    OMAPDSS: do not fail if dpll4_m4_ck is missing

    Aaron Lu (1):
    libata-acpi: Fix NULL ptr derference in ata_acpi_dev_handle

    Abhilash Kesavan (1):
    i2c: s3c2410: Fix code to free gpios

    Al Cooper (1):
    MIPS: Fix crash that occurs when function tracing is enabled

    Al Viro (5):
    missing const in alpha callers of do_mount()
    kill bogus BUG_ON() in do_close_on_exec()
    fanotify: fix FAN_Q_OVERFLOW case of fanotify_read()
    sparc64: not any error from do_sigaltstack() should fail rt_sigreturn()
    [PARISC] fix user-triggerable panic on parisc

    Alan Cox (1):
    ne2000: add the right platform device

    Albert Pool (1):
    rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID

    Alex Deucher (2):
    drm/radeon: properly track the crtc not_enabled case evergreen_mc_stop()
    drm/radeon: add new SI pci id

    Alex Williamson (1):
    intel-iommu: Fix lookup in add device

    Alexander Shiyan (1):
    irda: sir_dev: Fix copy/paste typo

    Alexey Kardashevskiy (1):
    powerpc/pseries: Fix oops with MSIs when missing EEH PEs

    Anatolij Gustschin (1):
    powerpc/mpc5200: move lpbfifo node and fix its interrupt property

    Anders Hedlund (1):
    ARM: OMAP3: igep0020: Set WIFI/BT GPIO pins in correct mux mode

    Andre Przywara (1):
    x86, amd: Disable way access filter on Piledriver CPUs

    Andreas Herrmann (1):
    x86, microcode_amd: Change email addresses, MAINTAINERS entry

    Andreas Larsson (1):
    of/address: sparc: Declare of_iomap as an extern function for sparc again

    Andreas Schwab (1):
    m68k: fix sigset_t accessor functions

    Ariel Elior (1):
    bnx2x: remove redundant warning log

    Arnd Bergmann (2):
    pinctrl/samsung: don't allow enabling pinctrl-samsung standalone
    sata_highbank: mark ahci_highbank_probe as __devinit

    Avi Kivity (1):
    KVM: Retire as maintainer

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
    ARM: EXYNOS: PL330 MDMA1 fix for revision 0 of Exynos4210 SOC

    Bing Zhao (2):
    mwifiex: fix system hang issue in cmd timeout error case
    mwifiex: report error to MMC core if we cannot suspend

    Boris Ostrovsky (1):
    x86, microcode, AMD: Add support for family 16h processors

    Borislav Petkov (4):
    x86, AMD: Change Boris' email address
    EDAC: Change Boris' email address
    MAINTAINERS: Change Boris' email address
    libata debugging: Warn when unable to find timing descriptor
    based on xfer_mode

    Brian Norris (3):
    mtd: nand: fix Samsung SLC NAND identification regression
    mtd: nand: fix Samsung SLC NAND identification regression
    mtd: nand: fix Samsung SLC detection regression

    Cesar Eduardo Barros (1):
    x86: remove dummy long from EFI stub

    Chun-Yi Lee (1):
    sign-file: fix the perl warning message when extracting ASN.1

    Clemens Ladisch (1):
    ALSA: ua101, usx2y: fix broken MIDI output

    Cyril Roelandt (1):
    iommu/tegra-smmu.c: fix dentry reference leak in

    Daniel M. Weeks (1):
    gpio-mcp23s08: Build I2C support even when CONFIG_I2C=m

    Daniel Mack (2):
    ASoC: cs4271: free allocated GPIO
    ALSA: snd-usb: properly initialize the sync endpoint

    Dave Chinner (3):
    xfs: fix attr tree double split corruption
    xfs: fix broken error handling in xfs_vm_writepage
    xfs: drop buffer io reference when a bad bio is built

    Dave Hansen (1):
    fix incorrect NR_FREE_PAGES accounting (appears like memory leak)

    Dave Jones (1):
    selinux: fix sel_netnode_insert() suspicious rcu dereference

    David Henningsson (2):
    ALSA: hda - Add support for Realtek ALC292
    ALSA: hda - Cirrus: Correctly clear line_out_pins when moving to speaker

    David Milburn (1):
    sata_svw: check DMA start bit before reset

    Dimitris Papastamos (1):
    ASoC: arizona: Fix typo - Swap value in 48k_rates[] and 44k1_rates[]

    Dmitry Torokhov (1):
    Input: mousedev - move /dev/input/mice to the correct minor

    Ed L. Cashin (1):
    aoe: avoid running request handler on plugged queue

    Emmanuel Grumbach (1):
    iwlwifi: don't WARN when a non empty queue is disabled

    Eric Dumazet (1):
    ipv6: fix inet6_csk_update_pmtu() return value

    Eric Millbrandt (1):
    powerpc/pcm030: add pcm030-audio-fabric to dts

    Felipe Balbi (1):
    i2c: omap: ensure writes to dev->buf_len are ordered

    Florian Fainelli (1):
    x86/ce4100: Fix pm_poweroff

    Florian Westphal (1):
    netfilter: cttimeout: fix buffer overflow

    Francois Romieu (1):
    sis900: fix sis900_set_mode call parameters.

    Gavin Shan (1):
    powerpc/eeh: Do not invalidate PE properly

    Gleb Natapov (1):
    KVM: taking co-maintenance

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (1):
    PM / QoS: fix wrong error-checking condition

    H. Peter Anvin (1):
    x86-32: Export kernel_stack_pointer() for modules

    Henrik Rydberg (1):
    Input: MT - document new 'flags' argument of input_mt_init_slots()

    Ian Campbell (1):
    xen/netfront: handle compound page fragments on transmit

    Igor Grinberg (2):
    Input: ads7846 - enable pendown GPIO debounce time setting
    ARM - OMAP: ads7846: fix pendown debounce setting

    James Bottomley (1):
    [PARISC] fix virtual aliasing issue in get_shared_area()

    Jamie Lentin (1):
    mvebu-gpio: Disable blinking when enabling a GPIO for output

    Jan Beulich (1):
    x86-64: Fix ordering of CFI directives and recent ASM_CLAC additions

    Jan Kara (4):
    reiserfs: Fix lock ordering during remount
    reiserfs: Protect reiserfs_quota_on() with write lock
    reiserfs: Protect reiserfs_quota_write() with write lock
    reiserfs: Move quota calls out of write lock

    Javier Martinez Canillas (1):
    ARM: OMAP: Add maintainer entry for IGEP machines

    Jeff Mahoney (1):
    net: fix build failure in xilinx

    Jens Axboe (2):
    dm: fix deadlock with request based dm and queue request_fn recursion
    mtip32xx: fix shift larger than type warning

    Jiri Engelthaler (1):
    mtd: slram: invalid checking of absolute end address

    Jiri Kosina (1):
    floppy: destroy floppy workqueue before cleaning up the queue

    Jiri Pirko (1):
    team: bcast: convert return value of team_dev_queue_xmit() to
    bool correctly

    Joerg Roedel (1):
    iommu/amd: Update MAINTAINERS entry

    Johannes Berg (2):
    iwlwifi: fix monitor mode FCS flag
    wireless: add back sysfs directory

    Joonsoo Kim (1):
    x86, mm: Correct vmflag test for checking VM_HUGETLB

    Jozsef Kadlecsik (1):
    netfilter: ipset: Fix range bug in hash:ip,port,net

    Julian Anastasov (1):
    ipv4: do not cache looped multicasts

    Kelly Doran (1):
    drm/nvc0/disp: fix thinko in vblank regression fix..

    Kevin Hilman (1):
    ARM: OMAP4: TWL: mux sys_drm_msecure as output for PMIC

    Lad, Prabhakar (1):
    ARM: davinci: dm644x: fix out range signal for ED

    Laurent Pinchart (1):
    omapdss: dss: Fix clocks on OMAP363x

    Linus Torvalds (1):
    Linux 3.7-rc7

    Ludovic Desroches (1):
    i2c: at91: fix SMBus quick command

    Lukas Czerner (1):
    ext3: Avoid underflow of in ext3_trim_fs()

    Maarten Lankhorst (2):
    drm/nouveau: add missing pll_calc calls
    drm/nouveau: use the correct fence implementation for nv50

    Maciej Patelczyk (1):
    [SCSI] isci: copy fis 0x34 response into proper buffer

    Manuel Lauss (1):
    MPI: Fix compilation on MIPS with GCC 4.4 and newer

    Marcin Slusarz (3):
    drm/nv40: allocate ctxprog with kmalloc
    drm/nouveau: fix crash with noaccel=1
    drm/nouveau/bios: fix DCB v1.5 parsing

    Marek Vasut (1):
    i2c: mxs: Handle i2c DMA failure properly

    Mark Brown (1):
    ASoC: bells: Fix up git patch application failure

    Martin K. Petersen (3):
    [SCSI] Add a report opcode helper
    [SCSI] sd: Permit merged discard requests
    [SCSI] sd: Implement support for WRITE SAME

    Mats Petersson (1):
    xen/privcmd: Correctly return success from IOCTL_PRIVCMD_MMAPBATCH

    Matt Fleming (1):
    x86, efi: Fix processor-specific memcpy() build error

    Maxime Bizon (2):
    x86/ce4100: Fix reboot by forcing the reboot method to be KBD
    x86/ce4100: Fix PCI configuration register access for devices
    without interrupts

    NeilBrown (6):
    md: make sure everything is freed when dm-raid stops an array.
    md/raid5: round discard alignment up to power of 2.
    md/raid5: move resolving of reconstruct_state earlier in
    md/raid5: Make sure we clear R5_Discard when discard is finished.
    md/raid10: close race that lose writes lost when replacement completes.
    md/raid10: decrement correct pending counter when writing to replacement.

    Paul Bolle (1):
    radeon: add AGPMode 1 quirk for RV250

    Paul Walmsley (1):
    Revert "ARM: OMAP: convert I2C driver to PM QoS for MPU latency

    Ralf Baechle (1):
    MIPS: Merge overlapping bootmem ranges

    Robert Richter (2):
    MAINTAINERS: Update email address for Robert Richter
    x86-32: Fix invalid stack address while in softirq

    Roland Dreier (1):
    block: Don't access request after it might be freed

    Russell King (5):
    ASoC: kirkwood-dma: fix use of virt_to_phys()
    ASoC: kirkwood-dma: don't ignore other irq causes on error
    ASoC: kirkwood-i2s: fix DCO lock detection
    ASoC: kirkwood-i2s: fix DMA underruns
    ASoC: kirkwood-i2s: more pause-mode fixes

    Sachin Kamat (2):
    mtd: ofpart: Fix incorrect NULL check in parse_ofoldpart_partitions()
    mtd: onenand: Make flexonenand_set_boundary static

    Sarveshwar Bandi (1):
    bonding: Bonding driver does not consider the
    gso_max_size/gso_max_segs setting of slave devices.

    Selvan Mani (4):
    mtip32xx: fix potential crash on SEC_ERASE_UNIT
    mtip32xx: Fix to make lba address correct in big-endian systems
    mtip32xx: Fix incorrect mask used for erase mode
    mtip32xx: Fix padding issue

    Simon Wunderlich (1):
    mac80211: deinitialize ibss-internals after emptiness check

    Srinivas Kandagatla (1):
    of/net/mdio-gpio: Fix pdev->id issue when using devicetrees.

    Steffen Klassert (1):
    xfrm: Fix the gc threshold value for ipv4

    Sujith Manoharan (1):
    ath9k_hw: Fix regression in device reset

    Szymon Janc (2):
    NFC: pn533: Fix missing lock while operating on commands list
    NFC: pn533: Fix use after free

    Takashi Iwai (3):
    ALSA: hda - Fix recursive suspend/resume call
    ALSA: hda - Limit runtime PM support only to known Intel chips
    ALSA: hda - Fix build without CONFIG_PM

    Tang Chen (1):
    x86/mce: Do not change worker's running cpu in cmci_rediscover().

    Thierry Escande (2):
    NFC: Fix nfc_llcp_local chained list insertion
    NFC: Fix pn533 target mode memory leak

    Thierry Reding (1):
    gpio: adnp: Depend on OF_GPIO instead of OF

    Thomas Betker (1):
    jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in jffs2_write_begin

    Tomi Valkeinen (1):
    OMAPDSS: DSI: fix dsi_get_dsidev_from_id()

    Tushar Behera (1):
    OMAPFB: Fix possible null pointer dereferencing

    Vipul Kumar Samar (1):
    pata_arasan: Initialize cf clock to 166MHz

    Waldemar Rymarkiewicz (1):
    NFC: pn533: Fix mem leak in pn533_in_dep_link_up

    Wei Yongjun (2):
    OMAPDSS: HDMI: fix missing unlock on error in hdmi_dump_regs()
    mtip32xx: fix potential NULL pointer dereference in

    Wolfram Sang (1):
    powerpc: 52xx: nop out unsupported critical IRQs

    Xi Wang (2):
    ixp4xx_eth: avoid calling dma_pool_create() with NULL dev
    ixp4xx_hss: avoid calling dma_pool_create() with NULL dev

    Yuanhan Liu (1):
    [libata] PM callbacks should be conditionally compiled on CONFIG_PM_SLEEP

    Zhi Yong Wu (1):
    vxlan: fix command usage in its doc

    françois romieu (1):
    8139cp: revert "set ring address before enabling receiver"

    majianpeng (2):
    md: Reassigned the parameters if read_seqretry returned true in
    func md_is_badblock.
    md: Avoid write invalid address if read_seqretry returned true.
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