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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/8] DMA: PL330: use prefix in reg names to build under x86
On 23 November 2012 22:53, Davide Ciminaghi <> wrote:
> I tried that, but the resulting patch does not apply:

It will not. Git doesn't support it.

> $ git checkout -b pl330_test next-20121115
> Switched to a new branch 'pl330_test'
> $ git format-patch --word-diff 5f1e3c5~..5f1e3c5

I never asked you to do this. I asked you to use git diff command, just to
verify what you have done is right or not? You can't send output of that
as a patch :)

And maybe post that as an part of non-commit log, so that others can
quickly review it. But because your patch is too big, it will make it a huge

It was just an trick i was sharing with everybody else.

> Did I do anything wrong (sorry, I'm not a git guru at all) ?

Neither am i :)


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