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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 1/3] Runtime Interpreted Power Sequences
On 11/16/2012 04:26 PM, Anton Vorontsov wrote:
>> +#include "power_seq_delay.c"
>> +#include "power_seq_regulator.c"
>> +#include "power_seq_pwm.c"
>> +#include "power_seq_gpio.c"
> This is odd, although I remember you already explained why you have to
> include the .c files, instead of linking them separately. But I forgot the
> reason. :) I think this deserves a comment in the code.

This is because of the table right after these includes:

static const struct power_seq_res_ops power_seq_ops[POWER_SEQ_NUM_TYPES] = {

The POWER_SEQ_*_TYPE macros are defined in the C files. It's the
simplest way to initialize this table, and the code inside these C files
is short and simple enough that I thought I would be forgiven. :)

At first everything was in power_seq.c and it was fine, then I thought
it would be better to move resource support code into their own filesm
and now everybody is asking. :P

But yeah, maybe it would be even better to not stop halfway and use
dynamic linking.

Comment added for the time being. ;)

>> +static int of_power_seq_parse_step(struct device *dev,
>> + struct device_node *node,
>> + struct power_seq *seq,
>> + unsigned int step_nbr,
>> + struct list_head *resources)
>> +{
>> + struct power_seq_step *step = &seq->steps[step_nbr];
>> + struct power_seq_resource res, *res2;
>> + const char *type;
>> + int i, err;
> nit: one variable declaration per line.

Fair enough - but is that a convention? was happy with these.


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