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SubjectOOM changes in Linux 3.7 lead to udev warnings and total breakage of KDE 3.5.10/TDE

If I remember correctly kernel developers promised not to break user APIs in the Linux kernel
however in Linux 3.7 a /proc/<PID>/oom_adj file has been totally removed which makes KDE 3.5.x
(and I suppose TDE) unusable as they depend on this file and simply refuse to start in its absence.

Also, udev in CentOS/RHEL/Scientific and other old Linux'es depend on this file (which is not critical
but not pleasant anyway).

I'm not a hacker/programmer to edit and recompile udev/KDE/TDE sources so I'd be glad if
this file was restored.

If the interface behind this file was totally removed and there's no way you can bring it back,
can I politely ask to export a dummy oom_adj file which allows the same mode of access yet
the kernel does nothing in return.

Thank you,


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