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    Subject[PATCH 0/4] acpi,memory-hotplug : implement framework for hot removing memory
    We are trying to implement a physical memory hot removing function as
    following thread.

    But there is not enough review to merge into linux kernel.

    I think there are following blockades.
    1. no physical memory hot removable system
    2. huge patch-set

    If you have a KVM system, we can get rid of 1st blockade. Because
    applying following patch, we can create memory hot removable system
    on KVM guest.

    2nd blockade is own problem. So we try to divide huge patch into
    a small patch in each function as follows:

    - bug fix
    - acpi framework
    - kernel core

    We had already sent bug fix patches.

    The patch-set implements a framework for hot removing memory.

    The memory device can be removed by 2 ways:
    1. send eject request by SCI
    2. echo 1 >/sys/bus/pci/devices/PNP0C80:XX/eject

    In the 1st case, acpi_memory_disable_device() will be called.
    In the 2nd case, acpi_memory_device_remove() will be called.
    acpi_memory_device_remove() will also be called when we unbind the
    memory device from the driver acpi_memhotplug.

    acpi_memory_disable_device() has already implemented a code which
    offlines memory and releases acpi_memory_info struct . But
    acpi_memory_device_remove() has not implemented it yet.

    So the patch prepares the framework for hot removing memory and
    adds the framework intoacpi_memory_device_remove(). And it prepares
    remove_memory(). But the function does nothing because we cannot
    support memory hot remove.

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